No, you’re not


“I have a Canon 1100D with a kit lens. I’ve just start my professional photography career”

No, you haven’t. You might be a great photographer, although you’re probably not. You might have a keen interest in learning, but judging by your above statement, you don’t. And right now, I’m about to be invited to like your “photography” page on facebook.

Let me inform you of something. A 5D MkII, is not a professional camera. It is a “prosumer” camera. So think about that, one of the most popular pieces of gear used in the professional world, is not a “professional” camera.

So what do you think that makes your $500 1100D?


It makes it a shit camera. You can argue all you want that “It’s not the camera, it’s the photographer”, but it’s not. That’s just what we tell poor people to keep them motivated. A good camera is never going to hamper a photographers skill, and similarly, even a brilliant photographer will struggle to work their magic with it.

And the worst bit? You’re a condescending twat to the “n00b” using a point and shoot. Firstly, almost every professional photographer keeps a point and shoot in their kit, and find them wildly practical and useful, especially in travel situations. You are literally no better than a 16 year old girl on tumblr taking mirror selfies.

The photography industry is booming, with thousands upon thousands of business popping up, butD don’t get me wrong, they’re not all awful like you, many of them are legitimate sources of income for the proprietor. This saturation of the market means two things:

1. With all of you claiming to be professional, the unsuspecting customer can quite easily be lured in to thinking (God help them) that you are a photographer. They pay good money, for a talentless and uneducated baboon to ruin a special event for them.

2. You arsehole’s are why I can’t get more jobs than I do. People here about the above situation, and are suddenly somewhat apprehensive of all photographers.
You know who they should be apprehensive of? You. Arseholes like you.

So in summary, I really don’t like you very much at all.
You are not a professional. Don’t disgrace that term.
You are in fact, the bane of most professional photographers.
Fuck you.

What qualifies me to say this you ask?
For the most part, because I’m a cynical prick.
But also because I start instead with this statement:

“I have a 1100D with a kit lens. I’d love to use this as a tool to teach me skill, which will hopefully one day become a career. I’d love to be a professional photographer one day”
^^Depicts a goal, and is reasonably humble. This gets a tick

Alternate statements include

“I┬áhave a 1100D with a kit lens. I’d love to use this to be able to capture moments that I consider significant to me, like travels and family events”
^^No claim or desire to become professional, and reasonable purpose. Another ticl

Because if you believe the opening statement of this post, you’re wrong and I hate you.