karl the awkward socialist


*Australia* hey guys I’m kinda all keen on this public healthcare thing

*America* SOCIALISM high alert threatens flight of democracy all things capitalist

*America* Don’t worry captain capitalism is here

This kids is why you don’t get involved in the stupid world of politics.. now go play on the field on the left over there as someones having a tea party over there on the right ;).





when you talk about all your private issues in the cafe i can hear all of it. I’m literally a foot away and judging you intensely

Cooking this Generation


I come from a vaguely ethnic origin so learning to cook was something instilled at a young age. It usually started with asking dad for pizza and resulting in the usual “sure you can have pizza, as long as you make it yourself”. 

So out came the frozen pitta dough out of the fridge,

the nasty tomato paste, some chopped ham and vegetables and crappy overstacked cheese.

Now this was a terrible pizza in retrospect but back then it was amazing cause you can eat pizza whenever you want (provided you have ingredients). So if you start basically getting your children to cook out of necessity and need for food but limit the categories to what they make. Then in the future you can mould a future basic chef.

I went through the terrible phase of cakes and cupcakes and crappy baking but the call for me to not be allowed to bake but instead provide main meals is what created the passion and level of experience i have. Im not saying to crush kids cooking but if you move into main meals at an early age then let the progression back towards complex cooking and baking it is remarkable. 

I have gone through cookies to basic main meals to complex multi ethnic dishes, to bread-making back all the way to manipulating and experimenting with cookies.

Slow bar


America managed to pull of the idea of a slow bar and make it work yet Australia hasn’t. For those who don’t know, a slow bar is manual filter coffee brewing process, such as Aeropress and pour over.

Subsequently, I’m curious as to how this can be a viable path within Australia. The concept behind waiting five minutes and paying five dollars is out of reason of most consumers. This means we either need to start making consumers aware of the experience we can offer. To do this would require really narrowing down the market and choosing areas easiest to sell the “experience” to.

The people most likely to adapt are inner city drinkers who have espresso or long blacks regularly.The whole point of having a slow bar is to show the versatility in coffee and what it can offer to the customer ..

.. i will follow up later with either serious coffee industry stuff or just rants



(Disclaimer: Things I wish I could say)

I’d like to make my own dish on the menu instead

“—You’re vegan aren’t you”


I’d recommend the vegan omelet, which has no eggs, cheese or milk, all baked in a tray. So basically a hot tray.