About L33tN3rd


English is not my strong point, I don’t mean its a secondary language or anything I just really suck at it, so ima give dot points about myself. Trust me it will be easer to understand then sentence writing.

  • I’m a nerd (Like programming type nerd)
  • God is the most important thing in my life
  • Bleedingphotographer is my best mates and sucks
  • I make professional websites (Dont judge the wordpress blog, its the easiest way to do things)
  • I have a tendency to get hooked on tv shows (to the point where I will stay watching netflix until the sun is up). Despite this I’m insistent that tv is a waste of money
  • I program in C++, Javascript, PHP, VB.net, Objective-C, ANSI C and Python
  • I think electronic music and everyone who enjoys it is useless (Honestly man it takes 0 talent to make and “DJ’s” get respect and credit, they should be shot and thrown out into the street)
  • I cant sleep with socks on
  • I have ADHD, as i’m sure you will see if you read any of my posts

View my posts (If you’re willing, I wouldn’t)

L33tN3rds Posts


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