About bleedingphotographer


A free individual with a passion for life, love, and joy.
I like butterflies, flowers, and kittens.

Nah, that’s bullshit.

A photographer trapped inside a mind full of disturbing thoughts, a mildly destructive caffeine addiction, and a world of my own.
I deal with bi-polar disorder, a mild autism spectrum disorder called dyspraxia, and a cynical nature. The resultant view of life is interesting, and perhaps warped. Or perhaps so realist that it just seems warped to others.
It’s kinda fun. Not really. It sucks the joy out of everything, and I find flaw in almost everything. It takes the happiness out of the most beautiful things, and progresses the downward spiral towards the depths of depression and self harm.

But I make an income out photography, so I got that going for me, which is nice.

Don’t do drugs (with) kids.


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