Point and Purpose


Consequently the posts before have been of a theological nature. Thus stating views on gay marriage and the belief structure that formulates the article.

I am in way going to restate his main points (which i agree with) but instead ask a question.

“What is the purpose of living”

ill break this into basically a few short points.
1. what we live for
2. How we live for stuff
3. Things beyond the physical to live for

Firstly majority of us follow a basic routine of work all day then come home, eat then sleep then repeat the next day. Why do you actually bother to do this beyond the basic arguments of to provide food or shelter or housing. The question is why do you want to live each day and what do you live for. (answered number 2 first whoops lol)

Subsequently the stuff we live for shouldn’t be just basic necessities but instead what brings joy. This is stuff like love, friendships, hobbies , passions and actual interests. If we have no time for any of this then why bother as we are just wasting time. If all you love for is a paycheck to buy a new car and you get so materialistically caught up your going to end up missing out.

Finally beyond all those things no matter how hard you try you will end up worshiping one of them (e.g friends, hobbies, money). Our hearts naturally crave to worship something and thats where god comes in. Its not hard to believe when you see how crazy creation is to the point it hurts your mind.

So when i say short i mean less then 8 pages #themoreyouknow


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