Gay marriage and ‘equality’


I have never really been asked for my opinion on gay marriage but I think I will share it anyway. Firstly some context to my beliefs, I’m a Christian, I know that God is all powerful, all knowing and loving. God has been hammered over the past few years as the world has pushed for LGBT acceptance while the church has seemingly fought against it. So let me clear a few things up, God loves homosexuals, God loves bisexuals, God loves asexuals and God loves transgenders. The bible never says “God loved all people, as long as they were straight”.

Second commonly spread idea is that no one is born gay (and I’m not saying these are rumours, I know Christians who believe this is true). I don’t agree with this, I belive that some people simply have non straight sexual attraction, wether this means they are not attracted to the opposite sex or simple have slight feelings of homosexual attraction I don’t agree that people have full control over these feelings. Try telling a straight teenage male to not be sexually attracted to girls and see how easy it is for them (if they even tried).

There is one thing though that we all have total control over, that is our sexual actions. There is a massive difference between being attracted to someone and acting on that attraction. I do not think there is anything wrong at all with homosexual attractions however I do think that homosexual actions are wrong and a sin, I also however believe that hetrosexual, sexual actions outside of marriage are wrong and a sin, homosexual sexual actions are no worse then hetrosexual actions, outside marriage. Sexual actions are intended for marriage, not just sex. When Christians say that sex is for marriage they don’t mean strictly penetrative sex, they mean sexual actions. Foreplay is intended to lead into sex, which means it is not appropriate outside marriage

To many people the solution to this is simple, “Homosexual couples should be allowed to marry” and then their sexual actions would be just, right? Well yes, within marriage sexual actions are fine, in fact there great! God made sex for us to enjoy however he also created marriage to be the be all and end all of relationships between people, and he designed it to be between a man and a woman (don’t believe me? Check your pants) We are physically, chemically, emotionally designed to be in hetrosexual relationships and that is a really cool thing! So gays and dating, again, dating is really meant to be to find a partner to marry, if gay couples shouldn’t marry then they should not be going through the process of finding a partner to marry. Thats just pointless, relationships are not there for the sake of being there, they have a strict purpose.

Anyone that are simply not attracted to the opposite sex will have a problem with this, for them it is much simpler, much more desirable to be in a non straight relationship, and I can’t argue with this, they are being told that they are not allowed to act on their desires basically because they are a minority. God says that homosexual relationships and actions are sinful, God does not tell us not to do things because he is a big mean dude who wants us to live by strict rules and have no fun, in fact God tells us how to live because he is all powerful and all knowing, he knows the most beneficial way to live, this can be really tough to see sometimes but consider this analogy, a little kid wants to climb to the top of a playground but his father will not let him. To the kid his dad is being mean, all he wants to do is have fun and he wants to just climb, how much harm could be done right? Well his father knows that is it a windy day and the child will not be able to hold on at the top, he stops him only out of love and protection. Sometimes God tells us how to live and we simply cannot understand why he gives us such a rule, personally gay marriage does not affect me at all, however I am against it because I know the father has said it is not how things should be done, and he has a much wider perspective then me.

So what is the correct action for homosexual people? As harsh as it may sound sometimes we have feelings that are wrong to act on, homosexual people should not act on their sexual attractions towards other people, sometimes people are born with traits that can make life much harder for them and it doesn’t mean it is their fault, it also doesn’t mean the world should rewrite definitions for them, some people are born incredibly smart, some incredibly stupid, this does not mean that we introduce handicaps into education systems. It does however mean that life is much harder for these people due to the way their mind works, sometimes this just happens. We are allowed to support these people, it is tough for them, anyone who has life a little harder then others. We should be recognising this and helping where we can.

Basically, no people do not have total control over their sexual attractions however they do have control over their actions. All sexual actions outside marriage are wrong, for all people. Gay marriage itself is wrong because it is not how God designed marriage, and God doesn’t just overlook things, I have heard arguments that all that time ago homosexuals weren’t so prelevant and therefore not considered in the writing of the law by the Lord. This is not true, God knows much more then we do, and isn’t limited to a timeframe.

Gay attractions are not wrong, you can be “born” gay.

Sexual actions outside marriage are wrong, acting on gay attractions is wrong.


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