Charbucks, communism, pop punk and ice cream


(disclaimer– disjointed ideas, no grammar or structure whatsoever.. why cause Yolo (ironic use of yolo)

So when does dark roasting become to dark…

I might personally enjoy losing origin flavours for roast flavours of chocolate and nuts. This is somehow shunned as old school and flawed. Yes your hipster light roast can taste beautiful stone fruit and citrus and i also personally enjoy light roast East Africans.

Its like yeah you have a really clean suit that matches your aristocratic cardigan and pants along with your neoliberalism views. But maybe sometimes i want to take up my Khaki shorts and Defend Pop Punk and be marxist just for the Ha Ha’s. If we never take up our arms how can we defend pop punk.

I digress,… basically yeah for aeropress, v60, siphon and cold drip/brew i totally get light roasting. The whole light roast acidic espresso as well thats awesome, tastes sick. When can you actually go and say nah chocolate flavours suck and so does dark roasting. I mean unless your beans are ash and catching fire why not experiment and see how dark you can go and what flavours you can get out.

Also iced coffee yes its blaspheme but i drink espresso all day so I’m allowed one. The perfect recipe:

(1)double shot of fresh espresso preferable dark to medium roast central American coffee. i.e could be Guatemala finca santa clara .. just something super viscous and caramel sweet.

(2) As much bloody ice-cream as you want.. the crapper the quality the worse your drink tastes

(3) milk.. like actual milk not skim soy vent half caf soy almond , upside down triple twist hemp, goat that married a dog milk. (cough um 200ml..)

(4) ice…. yeah i know what your thinking you seedy bugger

and blend that mofo






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