Roasting Nerd & Useless Analogy


so i like coffee and by when i say that i mean i spend too much time researching nerdy science crap on it.

So if you are still reading you have some interest in roasting or coffee to a degree (pun intended).

Through being in the industry the common hipster trend is to offer lightly roasted single origins which I’m all for. Now certain places are restricting those to espresso only.

I normally enjoy drinking only espresso but how as an industry are we supposed to bring in consumers if we force them to either espresso single origins or boring house blend on milk only. To me this is just a reversal movement as it pushes people away from trying new stuff.

i will now incorporate a mildly politically incorrect analogy. I give you two options: a test drive in a Lamborghini or in a prius. the catch :O.
If you go in the Lamborghini nickleback will be playing in the car and the Greens will be narrating their tree policies to you.

unless you like nickleback in which case i cant help you my point should be as clear as mud through my disjointed metaphor. In conclusion drink tea…


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