Eat a dick Evernote (Also I love you)


I use Evernote to sync all my notes between my laptop, phone, home computer and work computer. It’s brilliant and works flawlessly to hold all my notes and files, from school work to work presentations and shopping lists.

So yesterday I got home, plugged in my 11″ Macbook Air to charge and sat at my desk with my Hackintosh ready to get some assignments done. I open Evernote and the documents I was working on with my laptop are sitting there ready to go. I start working on my assignment, of course 2 minuets in the program crashes, not a problem, opened it back up. Only to be presented with a message telling me Evernote has updated and all my notes must be updated to be compatible with the new version, not a problem and I let it go ahead and update my notes.

While this was happening I realised that I had all automatic updates disabled (Being a Hackintosh I often have to avoid updates to keep the machine running) I checked the App store and sure enough there hasn’t been an update released in months and I was already running the latest version.

When my notes had finished converting (It took a few minuets, I have gigabytes worth and several thousand notes) everything seamed to be running fine, again until about 2 minuets in when the program displayed the error

“An internal database error has occurred that prevents Evernote from functioning properly. If the problem persists, please contact Evernote Support.”

I don’t have a clue what happened here but within 20 seconds of this error the program quit unexpectedly, not saving my work (which is very unlike Evernote, it seams to autosave every 0.4325 seconds. I’ve never lost work before)

I tried again several times, all with the exact same error followed by crash. Freaking annoying. I had an assignment due the next day which I couldn’t access and possibly should have done earlier but hey does anyone actually do assignments at any time other then the night before?

I gave up and went to go work on this on my laptop. The exact same thing happend; Crash, update notes, internal database error and constant crashes. My first thought was that there was an update pushed directly to the program that was causing the issue however after some googling I discovered.. absolutely nothing at all, it seamed no one was having the same error in the same context, there wasn’t a site about the error that was changed within the last 2 months.

I won’t keep you in tension, I did end up getting my assignment finished by logging into the Evernote web app (No idea why I didn’t think of this in the first place) and downloading a copy to work with from there. I’m assuming there was a corrupted file that somehow got synced to the other computer, causing them both to crash.

I fixed the macbook simply by deleting all the local files and reinstalling Evernote from the disk image on their website (I had the app store version before this) after leaving the computer for a few hours to download all my notes again (Netflix time) everything was working again and seems to be working correctly now.

In short Evernote failed me when I needed it most and although I love the service more then most people I they made a mistake once and I refuse to forgive them for that.


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