Flappy Bird download


Alright why the fuss about flappy bird being taken off the store (yeah I’m aware I’m 2 weeks late).

Firstly the developer is a total idiot for taking it down, the guy was making $50,000 a day and he didn’t even have to get out of bed, apparently he was getting threats and it was ‘ruining his life’ but really anyone who makes threats about a $1 game is probably not going to leave their house either, not a huge amount to be conserved about there.

Secondly even when it got taken off the store however it takes 2 minuets to download the app from the internet (.ipa or .apk) and install it on your phone. I saw an iphone sell for $2,000 on eBay because it freaking had a game on it which you can download for free. Stupid people upset me, however my anger is also partially due to the fact that I wasn’t one of the brilliant people who bought and sold an iPhone with the game on it when people were paying.

Anyway no one wants the stupid game anymore, but if anyones interested my highscore was 54


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