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*Australia* hey guys I’m kinda all keen on this public healthcare thing

*America* SOCIALISM high alert threatens flight of democracy all things capitalist

*America* Don’t worry captain capitalism is here

This kids is why you don’t get involved in the stupid world of politics.. now go play on the field on the left over there as someones having a tea party over there on the right ;).





“Whats that thing that you write blogs with? Oh yeah blogger.”

How to hack (not really, how to program but I figure this title will get more hits)


So programming, basically computers are just big calculators, they cannot do anything except add, compare and store values. Programming is the process of writing many of these basic commands in sequence to instruct the computer to do something. Although at the core all a computer can do it add, compare and store numbers when you are programming you are able to perform many more tasks, this works because code which is the actual programming text works for you, other code can interoperate your code and simplify other difficult tasks for you.

So you want to learn how to actually program, I am going to show you the basics of python. Python is an interpreted, high level language (don’t worry about what that means if you are just learning, say it to people to make you look smart and even better them look stupid).

To get started download Python and save any “scripts” (programs) and text files with the .py extension, you should then be able to open them with the python interpreter and run them.

Alright onto the actual code, programs consist of commands, the first of these commands is variable assignment, so variables are like boxes, the box can hold anything and the contents of the box can change. Like x in math.

myFavouriteNumber = 8

So this will assign 8 to the variable myFavouriteNumber, anytime myFavouriteNumber is written the value 8 will be used.

So we have our special variable, we want to show the user. Python provides a function just for this, the print function displays and variable passed to it on the screen. This opens another new topic, functions. Functions are smaller pieces of code that perform a specific tasks. You can run this code with a command structured like this


functionname is whatever the function is called, inside the parentheses you include comma separated values or variables which are given to the function as it runs. The function we are interested in was print remember? So if we want to display the number 10 we write


Simple right? So what if we wanted to print our favourite number. Well as I said before, variables hold values which are given any time a variable is used, so the command


Will display 8 on the users screen, make sense?

So what if we wanted to display the actual words ‘myFavouriteNumber’ on the screen, well that brings us to our next type of data. Strings.

Strings are a series of characters which is a fancy way of saying a string holds words.

When we want to represent a literal number we can just type the number as we did earlier when defining myFavouriteNumber, when representing literal strings we must use quotation marks to specify to the computer that we are trying to give it a string instead of a command.

myFavouriteWord = “slut”

So if we run the command


Then the program will output the word ‘slut’ (without the quotation marks) remember that the quotations marks are only to tell the computer you are writing a string, they are not actually part of the string.

Variables are not required for strings, same as numbers, so we could also write the line


And we will get the exact same result.

So this shows that variables here are somewhat useless. Where variables come in handy is where the value is not known at any one point throughout the program.

So I will introduce a new function; input the input function pauses the program and waits for the user to type some text in, which is then read into a string.

so the function looks like this

answer = input(“What is your name? “)

So this shows a new feature of functions. Return values, functions often have a result or value to give back to the program, in the case of the input function the value that the user typed in is returned. Return values become the value of the function when executed. This may sound complicated but think of them like variables, where ever a variable is used it’s value takes it’s place. Same goes for functions, when a function is hit it is run and its return value takes it’s place.

The example input function has an argument passed to it, which is a string (“What is your name? “) this function prints the string at the beginning of the line waiting for the user to type in a response, it is there to pass a question to the user to respond to. The return value of the function is then stored in answer once it has run.

so lets write a little program with the knowledge we have.

question = “What is your favourite colour? ”

theirFavouriteColour = input(question)

print(“Your favourite colour is”)


So this is pretty basic but have some fun with it, I will post another tutorial at some point over the next week. Enjoy.

The mark of the beast, we are almost there


The book of revelations was written by John of Patmos, generally known to be written around 70-90AD. It was written after John received a vision from God about the apocalypse, predicting the signs, actions and results of the apocalypse. It is often interpreted that Jesus will return a second time before The Great Tribulation. There isn’t much clarity within interpretations of revelations, due to it’s ambiguity and metaphorical nature (seriously it is like John was tripping balls). During tribulation however its generally accepted that during the tribulation period of 7 years that the antichrist (Read this, it gives a good explanation) will rise to power as a great, loved and trusted leader before turning on the world revealing his true identity as a worker for the devil (or the devil himself, according to some people).

There are many signs of the antichrist and the second coming given in revelations, one of these is ‘the mark of the beast’ saying that the antichrist will require all people will require a mark in order to trade in the world.

And he causes all, the small and the great, and the rich and the poor, and the free men and the slaves, to be given a mark on their right hand or on their forehead, and he provides that no one will be able to buy or to sell, except the one who has the mark, either the name of the beast or the number of his name.

Revelation 13:16-17

Now there are many different variations of this passage, the obvious one is that everyone will have to be some how willingly be associated with the beast and have a way of publicly displaying that, now I’m not saying that it’s Obama. But it’s Obama (Not really, stop saying Obama is the antichrist, honestly people). Another common interpretation is that everyone will have a mark signifying their association, however this mark will be unique (for example a number) and will be used to identify people (instead of names) this understanding comes from the other parts of revelations which say the world will form one nation and a single language will be used globally, global acceptance is a major concept in the tribulation period (Yeah, gay acceptance and religion tolerance), which would elude a little to having unique identification since we are loosing all other traits uniquely defining ourselves.

So heres where I wanna get controversial/tell you the world is ending. So close to 2000 years ago when this was written the idea that the world would form a single nation, speak a single language was absolutely out of this world, back then if you wanted to get somewhere you walked there. There wasn’t a large amount of trips around the world going on, people died in the same area they were born. Look at us now! We have extreme levels of globalisation, I can talk to someone on The Other Side of the world in real time with my phone, it’s crazy. So right now we are a lot closer to the signs of apocalypse as they were 200 years ago, but really thats only to be expected, the signs given are actually really practical ways for the earth to work right? Globalisation is great for trade, the economy and moving the worlds ethics forward (Until it comes to Gay marriage… Thanks Obama). Even having a unique identification number seams really practical, you can argue that we are loosing our individual identity and our creative names and crap but look we are already there, you have an email address which is a tiny string of text unique to you, a Facebook account, a Twitter account (And yes, in their databases you are represented by a number).

Personally we are so close to these signs of the antichrist, and we are heading there because they are considered very good things by the world, and it’s not hard to agree, a single nation, tolerance and simple trading systems sound brilliant. That’s why we are heading there so quickly, honestly I do not rule out the possibility of the antichrist rising within the next 100 years.